Food Safety

“Dream – Believe – Achieve & More Commitment to Excellence”

Through the years, Lucky Taro has gained a reputation for providing superior fresh exotic fruits and vegetables

to its customers with a focus on quality and food safety.

Our mission has always been implemented and focused on growing and diversifying in produce industry.

We have long understood that with our success comes an obligation to ensure the wellbeing of all our customers
through a total commitment to consistent, effective food safety practices. Our journey to GFSI certification
would not be possible without developing a company culture where every person within Lucky Taro holds
themselves accountable to help continuously grow the company’s daily food safety performance and are
empowered to do so.

This is especially true when it comes to food safety. Food safety is woven into the fabric of Lucky Taro’s vision
and mission.

New FSMA rules brought a necessity for Lucky Taro to understand the regulation of foreign supplier verification
guidelines due to our importing of unique, exotic fruits from countries around the world.

It was necessary for the company to implement standard operating procedures that comply with the
international food handling requirements.

Implementing the food safety guidelines has been a pleasant journey for Lucky Taro. Along the way,
management and employees have come to embrace a strong food safety culture.

By constant training and proper enforcement of the company food safety polices, employees and management focus on the business of distributing wonderful exotic fruits and vegetables.

With support and the constant dedication of our entire Lucky Taro family, we have obtained our Primus GFSI

Obtaining our third-party certification is a great accomplishment and we are proud to operate under the
required food safety guidelines of the produce industry.

However, we are not content to view our certification as a destination, but rather look at this achievement as
stepping stone to improving our food safety practices; staying informed of all new requirements and always
learning and improving our safe food practices as we automate our operation; all the while remaining focused
on providing safe and delicious exotic produce to our customers.

Certification Body : WQS, LLC.
Organization Name : Lucky Taro, Inc.
Organization Location : 3385 Leonis Blvd Vernon, California, 90058, United States
Food Safety Contact(s): Jennifer Garcia – Email: or

Rene Connen – Email:

Minut Mao – Email: